Our community did an amazing thing in 2007. We all pulled together and pledged to save lives, opening a Heart & Vascular Center of world-class proportion. Since you made that promise, the team led by Dr. Frank Laws, electrophysiologist and interventional cardiologist, has saved the lives of our friends and neighbors and has transformed the lives of many others.

We keep that promise through the Cardiovascular Innovation & Research Institute (CIRI). Today the CIRI team is offering clinical trials and cutting-edge medical treatments to our community.

We uphold that pledge by allowing patients to stay close to home while receiving cutting-edge drug regimens and promising new cardiaovascular health breakthroughs.

We honor that commitment with our cardiovascular advances such as robotic-assisted coronary angioplasty, a procedure offered nowhere else in the Rocky Mountain Region.

With your continued engagement and support, we can bring innovation here at home that will transform Valley View’s ability to save the lives of our loved ones.

Join us as we shape the future of cardiac care.

Right here at Valley View.

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